Kartoshka is a company that could be an example of a successful and modern company of the XXI century, a company that is always at the forefront of the latest technologies in sales, telemarketing and customer support.

We are out of any bounds and over all the standards. We care about the comfort of our employees and customers. Our core values ​​are passion, commitment, corporate spirit and outcome orientation, and we guarantee you a 100% successful result of our work.

Outdated ways of handling sales for your business, of attending customers and making advertising campaigns have been blown over, because from now we'll help you with this difficult but necessary process that will turn your company into a high performance business.

Kartoshka is your best partner. We know that sometimes it’s very difficult to make decisions, but you have made the right one when you’ve decided to choose our services. We will demonstrate professionalism and devotion from the very first steps of our collaboration.


The focus of our business is to communicate with existing and potential customers, or in some cases, even with ex-customers, to keep them informed about your products or services, advertising campaigns, promotions and events.

Here is the information about the services that we’re offering as of today:

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a marketing technique focused on attracting customers or consumers of the final product, either through phone calls or e-mails, addressing clients who do not expect the respective call or e-mail.

This type of calls is part of the sales cycle called telemarketing.

Cold calls are essential for the sales of your products and services to the final consumers. However, this part of the process is considered unpleasant or not worth of their time by most salesmen. Starting from now you don’t have to worry about it, because we'll make the cold calls for you and make the best presentation of your business, ensuring an effective result.

In the end, we will build-up a database consisting of customers who would be really interested in your products and services.

Our professional team applies the best sales and psychological techniques to hook the clients. We guarantee that out of 100 "cold" calls 99 will become "hot".


The concept of telemarketing includes the sales of products or services using a phone.

Telemarketing is a popular and modern way of selling different products or services, and making appointments with potential or existing customers. Major companies worldwide, who usually hire telemarketing services with big call-centers who only work for that purpose, use the technique as well.

We offer full cycle telemarketing services, which include the following:

  • Training of our staff in accordance with your needs
  • Surveys with focus groups
  • Analysis of sales records
  • Cold calls
  • Elaboration of a database
  • Reports of successful sales

We also work with databases provided by our clients, and classify customers to achieve satisfactory results.

Telemarketing helps improve your business’s performance. By hiring our services, your specialists will be able to focus on the most important tasks, which in turn will increase the performance of your company.

We guarantee that we will contact each and every customer of yours, because we always meet the targets in order for you to meet yours.

Costumer Support

Today many businesses require for their customers to be attended in the best way possible at any time of the day. In Kartoshka we offer Customer Support services of the highest quality.

We work with a team of professionals who receive special training depending on the requirements of the projects of our clients.

Our specialists speak 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian. We can also hire specialists who would speak other languages, depending on the needs of your project, because our goal is to collaborate with our clients with devotion from the first moment.

Customer Support is a delicate service, where a specialist has to be a little bit of everything: best friend, psychologist and demanding boss. Our employees have all of these qualities, and considering our many years of experience in the field, you can rest assure that Kartoshka will provide your customers with the best service.

Market Research and Surveys

Market research is an essential element for developing a successful business.

Knowing to define the commercial viability of an economic activity can be crucial at the time of making correct decisions.

We will help you identify the customers’ needs, as well as the best ways to satisfy them. We will investigate the supply and demand markets for similar products, and will draft a basic strategy, including the resources needed to achieve the objectives.

In addition, we can conduct surveys on products and services that have already been launched on the market, offering detailed reports on consumer satisfaction, and the respective levels of demand.

Advertising Telephone Campaigns, e-mail and Databases

Telephone or e-mail advertising campaigns are less expensive than traditional TV or radio campaigns, but if we look at them through the scope of leads generation, sometimes they can be even more fruitful.

This is very important for businesses that are just starting to blossom and have no excess funds for large-scale campaigns, but are in need of informing the world about their products and services.

In Kartoshka we will design and launch telephone or e-mail advertising campaigns. We guarantee a positive and satisfactory outcome, which will take your business to thrive.

We offer the service of building-up databases in accordance with the requirements of your business.

We do the research, and then sort potential customers, as well as conduct detailed analysis of market reports on the subject of each client’s interest.

You detail us your needs and parameters of the database you want, and we dedicate ourselves to creating it.
As a final result, your business receives an up-to-date database with actual customers.

Training Courses

We have years of experience in telemarketing and customer support. And we are ready to share our experience and knowledge with those who want to grow professionally.

Kartoshka offers packages of courses, or separate courses, which are the following:

  • Professional customer support
  • Telesales
  • Telemarketing
  • Transform every “cold” call into a potential customer
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Telephone advertising campaigns
  • Organizing focus groups and surveys

If you have any questions about the learning courses we offer, please contact us to contact@kartoshka.global We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Our Team

In Kartoshka we strive to be the best. That’s why we have a team of professionals with years of experience in telemarketing, sales and customer support, and we know how to perfectly identify the different needs and requirements of each client, providing our high-quality service in 3 different languages - English, Spanish and Russian - 24/7.

We always know whom we call or whom we deal with. At Kartoshka we conduct thorough investigations, that’s why we always know our core market, and we are always prepared for any unexpected situation. We call the right people and make the right questions.

But the most important thing is that we listen and understand the prospectus, taking the conversation in the right direction. We assign a group of specialists to each and every customer’s project, and these specialists deal only with that particular project.It’s our great advantage compared to other companies, and we always strive to provide the best service.

If working with us, you can count on a highly professional team, who can be trusted with any challenge.


The secret of our success is our passionate and inspired people.We firmly believe that an enthusiastic team dedicated to the mission is the essential component of a successful and effective work. If you are a young, ambitious, willing to grow professionally and obtain a unique working experience, Kartoshka invites you to send your CV to contact@kartoshka.global

We always embrace those individuals who want to grow with us with open hands.
You will be proud to work with Kartoshka!


We put at your disposal our client data processor CRM so that you become familiar with its practicality and ease of use.

Download here http://crm-z.com/